Title: New and innovative needle position synchronizer
Update Time 2024-04-25 15:51 Views
 Kinedyne ESP-70T New and innovative needle position synchronizer

The synchronizer of Kinedyne needle position servo motor allows you to stop the needle in up AND (not OR) down positions which is not found on competitors' servo motors. 
Below 2 photos show the simple mechanism in needle positioners from other brands of energy saving servo motors, it adopts cheap Hall sensor. The problem of this mechanism is the angle difference between needle up position and down position must be 180 degree (Non-adjustable). 
That means the distance between the upper and lower needle positions is fixed. 
For example if you want needle tip stop under needle plate (Needle down position), the material is very thick, at end of sewing, the needle lift is not high enough (material cannot be removed),  you still have to remove your hand from your work, turn the hand wheel to lift needle, then remove the material.
If you reset the needle up position for higher needle lift, the needle still stop above needle plate (cannot fix material when you pivot it to change sewing direction, then  lose the stitch). 
And magnetic fields may adversely affect Hall sensor.
Thus, this needle position synchronizer is not good some sophisticated sewing projects that require accuracy of the needle Up and Down position.


Below is Kinedyne ESP-70T advanced needle positioner. It adopts advanced photoelectric sensor that allowing you to set the needle Up and Down position independently with precision.
There are 2 photo plates, can be set to both Up and Down needle position accurately.

During the sewing, if you are to to pivot the work to change sewing direction, the needle stops in down position for handy fabric movement (will not lose the stitch), sew corners or pivot with ease. 
At end of sewing, stops needle in up position so that the work can be removed, and thread snipped. "How many times a day do you have to remove your hand from your work, move the hand wheel to lift needle, then remove the material?” Kinedyne servo motor is great for time-saving!

And photoelectric sensor has superior resistance to magnetic field interference.

Beside, this EPS (Electronic Positioning System) can work perfect in combination with speed reducer, slow down a leather sewing machines to Stitch by Stitch which is great for leatherworking.